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the zine club

The zine club is a global online marketplace that connects zine makers with an audience that enjoy and appreciate zines. As with a physical zine fair, buyers are able to purchase zines and support their favourite zine makers or discover new ones.


A zine is a small-run, independently published work. They can take the form of simple b&w photocopied, stapled booklets to full-colour books to more elaborate, handmade pieces. Many zine-makers create zines for the enjoyment of it. Zine-makers take pleasure in sharing their ideas, interests, and stories with others. The fun of producing a physical piece also appeals to zine makers.

an extension of the zine fair

Interaction with an audience within a physical zine fair is something that is fun and important to the community. The zine club hopes to connect zine makers and audiences from around the world who may not otherwise be able to physically attend zine fairs in other locales. Through this site, zine makers are also able to sell their zines year-round outside of specific event dates.

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