Fees and Commissions – CANADA

NOTE: If you are an international vendor, please see INTERNATIONAL FEES AND COMMISSIONS section (will be updated soon).

  1. All amounts in the zine club are in Canadian Dollar (CAD) so please convert product prices to CAD.
  2. Commissions are 2% of order total, and goes towards the cost of running the site.
  3. Stripe and Paypal fees are extra – rates can be found on their respective websites. These payment gateways help ensure your payment information is transmitted and processed securely and also streamline international transactions.
  4. In general, for a $10 zine, add roughly $0.50 – $1.00 to your price to take care of the fees. Remember – there are different fees depending on the location of the buyer (local vs international).

Fees and Commissions Video Explanation