General Guide

The zine club is an online zine fair – we provide an online venue for sellers and buyers of zines. The club neither makes zines nor keeps them in inventory. Sellers and buyers of zines are responsible for their transactions.


We thank you so much for supporting the zine club’s many creatives by purchasing their zines! Here are some good tips:

  1. Each seller will have their own shipping, returns, and refund policies. If something isn’t clear or something seems amiss with your order, please contact the seller.
  2. Leave a positive review if you had a great experience with a seller.


Thank you so much for sharing your creations! Here are some good tips:

  1. Zines only, please.
  2. Please convert all prices to CAD.
  3. Please ship items promptly and with care.
  4. If a buyer has an issue with their order, please address it in a timely manner.